Pine Grove Academy Dress Code K-8

Pine Grove Academy does not require uniforms but does have a strict dress and grooming
standard. This standard helps maintain a positive and moral atmosphere, allowing for serious
academic learning and God’s spirit to be felt. Although trends may change, the standard of dress
and grooming will remain the same

- Clothing should be clean, modest, and in good condition.
- Avoid appearing sloppy or inappropriately casual.
- Hair should be clean and neat.
- No hats, hoods, animal headbands, bandanas, or sunglasses.
- No flip flops.

- Shorts, dresses, and skirts should be a modest length - 3 inches above the knee.
- Shorts or leggings are recommended under skirts and dresses.
- No athletic bottoms: basketball shorts, running shorts, bike shorts, yoga pants, or exercise
- No sweats, warm-ups or pajamas


- Solid colored shirts only.

- Collared shirts or blouses only.
- No graphic t-shirts.
- Sheer or lace clothing needs a sleeved shirt underneath.
- No tank tops, sleeveless, halter tops, hoodies, or midriff tops.
- Modest dresses can be worn.

- Prints, patterns, and stripes are allowed if the shirt has a collar or is a dressy blouse.

Note: Thursday is school spirit day--Pine Grove Academy t-shirts and hoodies can be worn.