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Pine Grove Academy Dress Code K-8

Dress Code


“Obedience to small things creates a spirit of obedience in all things, and thus

invites the blessings of heaven.”
— Elder Kim B. Clark

Pine Grove Academy’s dress & grooming standard helps maintain a positive and moral atmosphere allowing for serious academic learning and God’s spirit to be felt.


  • Clothing should be clean, modest, and in good condition.

  • Avoid appearing sloppy or inappropriately casual.

  • Hair should be clean and neat avoiding any unnatural hair colors.

  • No hats, hoods, animal headbands, bandanas, or sunglasses.

  • Out of respect, outerwear such as jackets, should be removed in class.

Tops: Shirts must include a collar, & all tops must be one of the solid colors listed below
Colors-navy, light blue, white, gray, light pink, & forest green, Navy, light blue, white, gray, light pink, & forest green sweaters, vests, & cardigans OK if collared shirt worn underneath

Bottoms: (Uniform shorts, khakis, uniform tech pants/shorts, navy denim, PGA plaid)
Colors-navy, khaki, gray, navy denim, & PGA school plaid (through French Toast)
Bottoms-(including jeans) should not have holes, patches, fraying, or rips of any kind.

Uniform Dresses, Skirts, & Jumpers:
Colors-navy, khaki, PGA school plaid (available through French Toast)

Footwear: No flip flops, slippers, heelys, or roller shoes are to be worn at the academy.

*** The dress code is not strictly enforced in the Jr Explorers and Explorer classes. PreK and
Kindergarten students may have special needs to be considered, like sensory issues, and
therefore the expectation is not as strict.***

Consequences and discipline procedure for dress code violation:

First offense: The student will receive a written warning about the dress code violation.

Second offense: The student will talk with a staff member to make sure they understand the dress
code policy issue, and then the student will be asked to call a parent to bring them a change of clothes.

Third offense: The student will be asked to call a parent to take them home for the day. They may return when they are ready to follow the dress code.

“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in

you? ... The temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.”

1 Corinthians 3:16–17

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